Products, Exporters and Importers

  1. Gold and Silver Jewellery
    Nepal has a long tradition of craftsmanship in many forms like wood carving, metal craft, stone carving and, working silver and gold into exquisite pieces of Jewellery. The manufacture of Jewellery in Nepal is wide spread throughout the country since time immemorial. The production of Jewellery is labour intensive industry based on caste and cultural heritage. It was traditionally confined only to the Newari Shakya and Sunar families, but nowadays, other castes are also involved in this occupation. The art and the tricks of making it is passed from father to son in a normal family group setting, by father or grandfather showing and instructing the younger ones how to handle the hammer or saw or carving tool. So, it is said that by the time the child goes to school, he can handle the tool. The local demand of Jewellery has traditionally confined to social and religious occasions and other ritual ceremonies.
  2. Precious and Semi-Precious Stones of Nepal:
    Due to the geographical diversity, varieties of precious and semi-precious stones like ruby, corundum, sapphire, tourmaline, aquamarine, topaz, garnet, kyanate, crystal quartz, beryl etc. are available in different parts of the country, namely High Himalayan region, Himalayan region, Hilly region and Terai region.
  3. Pulses:
    Lentil as a major exportable agricultural products has been regular sources of foreign exchange earnings for Nepal. Nepal exports both whole & split lentils. Lentils are grown in tarai, inner tarai and mid hills parts of the country. The cultivation of lentil has been increasing because of its promising potentiality at home and abroad. Among other pulses, Nepalese lentils has greater demand in the international market. Bangladesh, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Germany, Korea, UK, Indonesia are its major export markets.
  1. Spices:
    Variety of spices are traditionally grown in Nepal. Nepal offers numbers of spices such as dry and fresh ginger, large cardamom, turmeric, cinnamon both leaf and barks, chillies etc. Spices are famous for flavouring the delicious food. Mostly spices are used in domestic culinary purposes as well as in the food industry. It is also widely used in medicines bakeries. Spices are the major export product of Nepal. India has been traditional market for Nepalese spices. Nepalese spices are exported to India, Pakistan, Singapore, Germany, Taiwan etc.
  1. Floricultural Products:
    Floricultural product has been the emerging export product of Nepal. Nepal's varied climatic nature and soil type offers a wide potentially for cultivation of all type of floricultural plants all over the year. Besides other hundreds of varieties of flowers, 90 genera and 350 species of orchid are available in Nepal. Nepal is exporting cut flower, flower bulbs and seeds. The major export markets are India, Japan, Pakistan, Qatar etc. There is great potentialities for the expansion of export of floriculture products from Nepal.
  1. Medicinal Herbs and Essential Oils:
    The medicinal herbs and essential oils are well known export product of Nepal. Medicinal and aromatic plants are the important natural resources of Nepal which are found widely in forest and Himalayan ranges. In Nepal these plants are being used in traditional healing purposes for centuries. Ayurvedic drugs are made directly from the medicinal herbs.

    The essential oils extracted from different medicinal plants are widely used as raw material for producing various consumer products such as cosmetic, perfumery, medicines etc. Various plant based essential oils are produced and exported from Nepal. Citronella oil, Palmerosa oil, Sugandha Kokila, lemon grass oil, lichen extract are some prominent essential oil and extract which are commonly produced. The major export market of these products are Germany, Japan, Pakistan, Italy, France, USA, UAE, U.K., Switzerland, Sweden, Australia etc.
  1. Tea and Coffee:
    Tea is a upcoming export items of Nepal. Tea has been cultivated in Nepal dating back to more than a century, Orthodox and CTC are major varieties of tea grown in Nepal. Illam tea which is famous as high grown orthodox tea is popular among the tea connoisseur. The major export market of Nepalese tea are Germany, Japan, France, Italy, Hong Kong, U.K., Switzerland, Australia, Netherlands, U.S.A., The medicated and herbal tea of Nepal have been very popular in these markets.

    Along with the tea, coffee is also emerging as a potential export products of Nepal. Coffee is cultivated in some pocket area of middle part of Nepal such as Gulmi, Palpa, Syanja, Lalitpur and Kavre district. Conducive agro climatic environment for coffee has encouraged the farmers in cultivation of coffee. It can be cultivated in barren and steep lands. It is high valued commercial crops having a promising market potentialities at home and abroad. There is good demand for Nepalese coffee in overseas market as people prefers roasted coffee beans rather than the instant one. Japan and Netherlands are existing export markets for Nepalese coffee.
  1. Honey:
    Honey is emerging as export products of Nepal. It has a growing export markets, as honey is being used for food industry and in pharmaceutical sector. The cosmetic manufacturers are also using it as an ingredient for soaps and shampoo. The hill mountain natural honey of Nepal is very famous for its exotic taste. The major export market of honey are U.K., Republic of Korea, Germany, Japan, Hong Kong, Poland etc.
  1. Nepalese Paper and Paper Products:
    The Nepalese paper and paper products are very famous in the overseas market. The Nepalese paper are made from Lokta or Dayshing (Daphne cannabira) plants. The unique feature of Nepalese paper is its moth resistance quality. Besides Nepalese paper, varieties of products made from it like postcards, writing pads and papers, wood block prints, calendars, gift wrap, lampshades, etc. are exported from Nepal. The major markets are USA, Japan, Canada and European countries.