Trade and Payments Agreement - Czechoslovak

Nepal's Trade & Transit Agreement



(Trade and Payments Agreements Signed in Kathmandu 12th December, 1992.)


His Majesty's Government of Nepal and the Government of the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic (hereinafter referred to as the Contracting Parties).

Being desirous to develop and strengthen trade and economic relations between them in accordance with their development and trade needs and objectives on the basis of equality and mutual benefit.

Have agreed as follows:

Article I

The Contracting parties shall take all appropriate measures to promote the development of trade and economic relations between their two countries.

Article II

The Contracting Parties shall grant each other most favoured nation treatment in all matters relating to:

  1. Customs duties and charges of any kind, including the method of levying such duties and charges, imposed in or in connection with importation or exportation imposed on the transfer of payment for imports or exports;
  2. Rules and formalities connected with customs clearance
  3. All internal taxes or other internal charges of any kind imposed on or in connection with imported and exported goods, and
  4. Issuance of import and export licences.

Article III

The provisions of Article 2 shall not, however, apply to the grant or continuance of any;

  1. Advantages accorded by either Contracting Parties to contiguous countries with the purposes of facilitating frontier trade;
  2. Advantages resulting from customs unions or other agreements on customs free trade;
  3. Advantages accorded by virtue of multilateral economic agreement relating to the international commerce.

 Article IV

The Contracting parties through the competent authorities of both countries shall issue the necessary licences for export and import of commodities mentioned in Schedule 'A' and 'B' annexed to this Agreement which are indicative and not exhaustive, in conformity with the laws, rules and regulations in force in their respective countries.

 Article V

The trade between their two countries may be conducted through their Foreign Trade Organizations as well as other importers and exporters of their two countries.

 Article VI

All payments between the Contracting Parties shall be made in any freely convertible currency subject to the laws, rules and regulations portaining to the foreign trade and foreign exchange prevalent in either country.

 Article VII

Any difference or dispute arising out of the transactions under this Agreement shall be settled by mutual consultation of the Contracting Parties.

 Article VIII

The prices of goods supplied under this Agreement shall be fixed by mutual agreement between the exporters and importers of the two countries.

 Article IX

  1. The Contracting Parties shall facilitate each other's participation in trade fairs to be held in either country, and in arranging exhibitions of either country in the territory of the other, on terms to be agreed between their competent authorities.
  2. The exemptions from customs duties and other similar charges of articles and intended for fairs and exhibitions, as well as their sale and disposition, shall be subject to the laws, rules and regulations of the country to where such fairs and exhibitions are held.

Article X

Nothing in this Agreement shall be construed to prevent the adoption and enforcement either Contracting Party of measures necessary to protect public morals, human, animal or plants life or health or industrial, literary or artistic property and the security of its own territory or in pursuance of general International Convention whether already in existence or concluded hereinafter to which it is a party.

 Article XI

  1. The Contracting Parties shall consult each other at the request of either of them on all matters of mutual interest, as well as on the necessary measures aiming at the expansion of mutual co-operation and trade relations concerning the implementation of present Agreement.
  2. The meeting called at the request of either of either Party shall be held at a time and place mutually agreed upon but not later than ninety (90) days after the date of receipt of the request from other.

Article XII

Any amendment or modifications in the terms and conditions of this Agreement shall be made by the Contracting Parties in writing by their mutual agreement.

 Article XIII

The provisions of this Agreement shall apply even after the expiry of its validity, to contracts concluded during the period of the validity of this Agreement but not fulfilled before its expiry.

 Article XIV

This Agreement shall come into force from the date of the exchange of Diplomatic Notes confirming the approval or ratification of this Agreement by the Contracting Parties.

It shall remain valid for a period of three years and shall be renewed automatically by periods of one year each unless either Contracting Party gives three months notice in writing before the expiry of its validity of its intention to terminate this Agreement.

Done in Kathmandu on the 12th December 1982, in two original texts in the English language, one for each Contracting Party both being equally authentic.

For His Majesty's Government of

For the Government of the
Czechoslovak Socialist Republic


Schedule "A"


  1. Minerals
    1. Marbles
    2. Lime
    3. Talc
    4. Slate
    5. Chalks and Chalks Powder
  2. Jute Products
    1. Jute Products
    2. Twine
    3. Hessian
    4. Sacking
  3. Manufactured Products
    1. Synthetic Fabrics
    2. Carpets
    3. Gorkha Knives (Khukuri)
    4. Stainless Steel Utensils
  4. Leather and Leather Products
    1. Tanned skin and hides
    2. Other Leather Products
    3. Purses
    4. Bags
  5. Other Raw Materials
    1. Hides and Skins
    2. Oil Seeds
    3. Timber
    4. Raw Jute
    5. Wool
    6. Britles
    7. Medicinal Herbs
    8. Sole Leather
  6. Handicrafts and Artistic Goods
  7. Sugar and Sugar Preparations
    1. Sugar
  8. Tobacco Products
    1. Cigarettes
  9. Forestry Products
    1. Plywood
    2. Cardboard and other board
    3. Chip-board and Particle board
    4. Wooden Parquet
    5. Bamboo Products
    6. Wooden Furniture
  10. Grass and Straw Products
    1. Straw board
    2. Other grass and straw products
  11. Cereal and Flour Preparations
    1. Cornflakes
    2. Malt
    3. Noodles and spaghetti
    4. Biscuits and other bakery product
  12. Oil and Oil Extracts
    1. Canned Vegetables
    2. Starch and Glucose
    3. Chutney and pickles (canned and bottled)
    4. Canned Soup
  13. Fruit Products
    1. Bottled or Canned Fruits
    2. Jam, Marmalade and fruits jellies
    3. Fruit, juices, syrups and squashes
  14. Dairy Products
    1. Ghee Canned
    2. Butter (Package)
    3. Cheese
  15. Meat Preparations
    1. Tinned and Packed meat
  16. Textiles
  17. Beverages and Spirits
  18. Miscellaneous
    1. Readymade Garments
    2. Yak Hair and Tails
    3. Cardamom (Big)
    4. Dry Ginger

Schedule B


    1. Coal and ore industry, foundry, rolling mills, equipment for chemical industry, cane sugar mills, distilleries, cooling plants, cement works, ceramic works, equipment for manufacture of diesel engines, machine tools, tractors, motorcycles, bicycles, equipment for light and heavy engineering industries, etc.
    2. Power plants
    3. Woodworking machinery
    4. Mining equipment and oil-well equipment
    5. Brick factories
    6. Crushing and sorting sets
    7. Flour mill equipment
    8. Dairy equipment, bottling equipment and other food stuff machinery.
    1. Diesel engines, diesel-electric generating sets and spare parts
    2. Electric motors, generators and dynamos
    3. Charging sets
    4. Electric resistance furnaces
    5. Arc welding machines and resistance welding machines
    6. Transformers
    7. H.T. oil and pneumatic circuit breakers
    8. Switchgears
    9. Lightning arrestors
    10. Excavators
    11. Motor graders
    12. Motor and concrete mixers, vibrators
    13. Road rollers
    14. Road transport, building and road-making machines
    15. Freight and passenger ropeways
    16. Cranes, conveyors and transporters
    17. Lifting battery trucks
    18. Pulley blocks
    19. Mechanical shovel
    20. All kinds of pumps, pumping and filtration station
    21. H.P. valves
    22. Compressors and blowers
    23. Electric and diesel-electric locomotives
    24. Machine tools, accessories, spare parts and components
    25. Power hammers and mechanical presses
    26. Die-casting machines
    27. Pneumatic tools and equipment
    28. Precision instruments, gauges
    29. Electric measuring devices
    30. Laboratory testing equipment
    31. Single and three-phase electricity meters and components
    32. Electric and mechanical and electronic measuring instruments and components
    33. Components of water meters
    34. Complete installations for measurement and control in thermal engineering
    35. Broadcasting studio equipment
    36. Radio components and valves
    37. Bulbs for industrial purposes and fluorescent tubes
    38. Cigarette making machines
    39. Tobacco cutting, weighing and packing machines
    40. Timepiece components and spare parts
    41. Automatic telephone exchanges
    42. Broadcast and TV studios
    43. X-ray equipment
    44. Dental and surgical equipment
    45. Designs and equipment for complete hospitals
    46. Statistical and calculating machines
    47. Typewriters and components
    48. Printing and polygraphic machinery
    49. Photo and cine equipment and components
    50. Ball and roller bearings
    51. Textile machinery and components
    52. Shoe-making and leather finishing machinery, including rubber shoe machinery
    53. Spare parts for passenger cars and trucks
    54. Dumpers and mobile cranes
    55. Garage service equipment and tools
    56. Industrial chains
    57. Electrical accessories for motor vehicles
    58. Components for fuel injection equipment
    59. Agricultural tractors, spare parts and components
    60. Tractors trailers and implements
    61. Aircrafts
    62. Airport lighting equipment
    63. Utility and special cars
    64. Trucks, buses and trolley buses
    65. Motorcycles, scooters, spare parts & Components
    1. Steel structures of every description
    2. Steel pilings
    3. Iron and steel products including plates, wires, sheets, etc.
    4. Tool, alloy and special steel
    5. Steel forgings, castings and finished products
    6. Seamless steel tubes for oil industry
    1. Rubber convey or belting with textile insert or igelite belting
    2. Rubber textile hoses of all types
    3. Reclaimed rubber
    4. Driving belts made of leather, igelite or rubber and canvas
    5. Laundry equipments
    6. Electrical and gas water heaters
    7. Fire extinguishers and fire-alarm equipment
    8. Portable electric hand tools
    9. Steel gas cylinders
    10. Asbestos cement pressure pipes
    11. Insulating materials(glass and glasswool)
    12. Insulators for high and low tension
    13. Laboratory, porcelain
    14. Abrasives
    15. Ceramic cutting tools for metal working Refractories
    16. Technical and laboratory glass
    17. Pressed glass and jablonec crystal of all kinds
    18. Industrial felts and technical cloth
    19. Vaccum cleaners
    1. Drugs, pharmaceutical chemicals and products
    2. Sera and vaccines
    3. Dye intermediates
    4. Organic chemicals
    5. Nitrocellulose
    6. Pesticides
    7. Inorganic chemicals including sodium formaldehyde
    8. Ultramarine blue
    9. Laboratory chemicals
    10. Industrial explosives
    11. Kaolin and ball-clay
    12. Dyestuffs
    13. Pyrotechnical materials
    1. Books, periodicals and stamps
    2. Photographic paper and photo chemicals
    3. Hops and malt
    4. Heel pins and shoe tacks
    5. Slide fasteners
    6. Rubber goods
    7. Drawing instruments
    8. Films cinematographic, exposed
    9. Paper of all kinds including newsprint
    10. Nuclennic and radiometric instruments
    11. Radioisotopes
    12. Sports and hunting firearms and ammunition
    13. Tyres and tubes
    14. Glazed wall tiles
    15. Sanitary ceramics
    16. China and earthenware
    17. Plate glass
    18. Chandeliers and illuminating glass of all kinds
    19. Plushes
    20. Silk and rayon fabrics
    21. Semi-finished Gurkha hats
    22. Stationery and office equipment
    23. Jewellery including imitation pearls and imitation stones
    24. Musical instruments