Trade and Payments Agreement - Bulgaria

Nepal's Trade & Transit Agreement



His Majesty's Government of Nepal and the Government of the People's Republic of Bulgaria (hereinafter referred to as the contracting parties).

Being desirous of promoting economic and commercial relations between Nepal and People's Republic of Bulgaria on the basis of equality and mutual benefit.

Have agreed as follows:

Article I

The two contracting parties shall take all appropriate measures to facilitate and develop the trade between their two countries and agree to promote the exchange of goods between them.

Article II

Trade between the two countries shall be based as far as possible on the principle of equilibrium and shall be carried out by their authorized juridical and physical persons.

Article III

The contracting parties shall grant to each other the most favoured nation treatment in all matters relating to the conduct of trade between them.

This provision however shall not apply to:

  1. Advantages which are or may hereafter be accorded by either contracting party to contiguous countries with the purpose of facilitating frontier trade:
  2. Advantage arising from customs unions or other agreements on customs free trade;
  3. Advantages accorded by multilateral economic agreements relating to international commerce.

Article IV

The exchange of goods between the two countries shall be conducted in accordance with Annexure "A" and Annexure "B" together with their values which may be mutually agreed upon as and when necessary. However this Agreement shall not preclude the trade in commodities other than those mentioned in aforesaid Annexure "A" and "B".

The trade between the two countries shall be conducted in accordance with their respective laws, regulations and procedures relating to importation and exportation of goods.

Article V

The contracting parties shall accord to each other necessary facilities in connection with the organization of or participation in trade exhibitions and fairs.

Article VI

All payments in connection with exportation and importation of goods between the two countries shall be affected in any freely convertible currency.

Article VII

The contracting parties to explore ways and means and take necessary steps for the most efficient and economical transportation of goods and commodities between the two countries.

Article VIII

Nothing in this agreement shall be constructed to prevent the adoption and enforcement by either party of measures necessary to protect public morals, human animal or plant life or health and for the security of its own territory.

Article IX

In order to further develop their economic and commercial relations, the contracting parties shall consult with each other on all such matters as are of mutual interests in the implementation of this Agreement. The consultation shall be held at such place and intervals as may be mutually agreed upon.

Article X

This Agreement shall be valid for a period of five years. It shall be extended thereafter for addition periods of two years unless either contracting party notifies the other of its intention to terminate this Agreement six months prior to the expiration of each period of two years.

Article XI

This Agreement shall come into force provisionally from the date of signature and finally from the day of the receipt of the exchange of note informing each other about its approval by the competent authorities of either contracting party.

Article XII

  1. This Agreement after its coming into force shall replace the Trade and Payments Agreement signed between the contracting parties on 8th October 1969.
  2. After the coming into force of this Agreement the outstanding balance remaining out of the agreement dated 8th Oct., 1969 between the contracting parties shall be settled according to the exchange of letters between them.

Done and signed at Kathmandu of Fourth Day of July one thousand nine hundred and eighty in two original texts in the English language, both text being equally authentic.

On behalf of
His Majesty's Government of
Nepal S/d
(Dr. Ram Prasad Rajbahak)
Minister of State
For Industry and Commerce
On behalf of
The Government of the People's
Republic of Bulgaria Sd/
(Georgi Vutev)
First Deputy Minister
For Foreign Trade


Goods available for exports from Bulgaria to Nepal

  1. Metal working machines and machine tools, Junctions and spare parts.
  2. Forging and aggregate machines
  3. Building and ceramic machines.
  4. Bridge and tower cranes
  5. Electric trucks, motor trucks, components and Junctions.
  6. Mopeds and components.
  7. Electric hoists, Junctions and components.
  8. Internal combution engines, component and ancillaries thereof
  9. Tractors and earth cultivating machines.
  10. Agricultural machines.
  11. Water pumps, irrigation and sprinking installations.
  12. Tonga baling machines and tobacco fermentation lines.
  13. Machines and equipment for the chemical industry.
  14. Hydraulic and other generator sets.
  15. Special power and measuring transformers.
  16. Explosion-proof apparatus.
  17. Special apparatus
  18. Electric porcelain.
  19. Electric insulation materials.
  20. Computer.
  21. Signal, electronic and laboratory apparatus.
  22. TV. Sets.
  23. Transistor radios and radio receivers.
  24. Tape recorders.
  25. Radio telephones.
  26. Medical electric apparatus.
  27. Technical laboratory appliances.
  28. Dentist's equipment.
  29. Operating and gynaecological tables.
  30. Ball, ruler and conical bearings.
  31. Cables and insulated conductors.
  32. Steel; steel plates, forgings, bars, etc.
  33. Zinc
  34. Lead
  35. Urea-fertilizer grade and other fertilizers.
  36. Ammonium hydroxide
  37. Sodium nitrate.
  38. Potassium hydroxide.
  39. Ammonium bicarbonate.
  40. Light magnesium carbonate.
  41. Litharge
  42. Minium
  43. Ammonium chloride.
  44. Borax
  45. Urotropin.
  46. Gas sulphur
  47. Polyethylene
  48. Caprolactum, monomer and polymer chips.
  49. Separators.
  50. Peppermint oil
  51. Menthol in crystals
  52. Analgin
  53. Tetracycline
  54. Sodium benzoate
  55. Oxytetracyclin
  56. Phenaclin
  57. Terpinol
  58. Lavender oil
  59. Medicines and other products
  60. Tooth paste
  61. Cosmetics and perfumery.
  62. Aniline dyes and varnishes
  63. Dyes intermediates
  64. Photographic sensitive paper.
  65. Cinematographic and scientific
  66. Films exposed.
  67. Books, pictures, postcards, slides, etc.
  68. White cheese, khashkaval yellow cheese/cassein, etc
  69. Hops
  70. Pectin
  71. Phenol
  72. Acetone
  73. Toluene
  74. Salt of lemon
  75. Liquid glucose
  76. Haberdasher
  77. Decorations, handicrafts, ceramics, wrought copper, bronze iron
  78. Copper sheets
  79. Brass sheets
  80. Bronze sheets
  81. Lorries


Goods available for export from the Kingdom of Nepal to the People's Republic of Bulgaria

  1. Minerals
  2. Manufactured products:
    Jute goods
    Stainless steel utensils
    Synthetics fabrics
    Gorkha Knife (khukuri)
    Straw board
  3. Foodstuffs:
    Dairy products (cheese)
    Canned fruit)
    Maize, Rice
    Pulses, linseed, rape seed
  4. Beverages:
  5. Other raw materials:
    Raw jute
    Medicinal herbs
    Oil seeds
    Sole leather
  6. Miscellaneous:
    Readymade garments
    Jute waste
    Wool waste
    Human hair
    Yak hair and tails